July 2013:


The Canberra Services Club (CSC) and Defence Housing Australia (DHA) have today announced an agreement to work together to create and deliver a vibrant and viable Services Club and complementary integrated residential development.


As you would be aware the CSC Club burnt down shortly after ANZAC day in 2011. The fire destroyed a 65-year-old building, and an iconic part of Canberra’s history and landscape.


It is clear that small clubs of the model that the CSC previously existed do not survive in the present conditions. Any new building will recognise the past, and will be functional and support the club into the future.


Following a meeting of CSC Directors several steps were taken to give the reconstruction of the Club a sustainable and viable future.


 To understand more about Defence Housing Australia visit their website at


Greg Ranse


On behalf of the Board of Directors


April 2011:

Shortly after Anzac Day 2011 a catastrophic fire engulfed the Canberra Services Club. Despite the concerted efforts of the ACT Fire Brigade, the old wooden building was gutted and damaged beyond repair. The old building was erected during World War II as a place for service men and women to gather as they moved through Canberra. After the war the Club continued to be the focal point for Services and Ex-Services personnel, providing an important meeting place and outlet for those scarred by war. After surviving 65 years, the wooden building succumbed to fire. It was demolished soon after and whilst the two chimneys remained for a while, they were dismantled for safety reasons later in 2011.

What remains of the site is the 'Commemorative Wall' surrounding the cleared site. A leopard tank and bofors gun, donated by the Australian Army after decommissioning, remain to guard the site and the 'Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel' statue serves as a constant reminder of those who have been to war. The Club operates from a temporary building at the Canberra Bowling Club while we prepare to rebuild. Manuka Precinct is about to undergo significant updates in the near future and the Club Board is working closely with the ACT Government to be part of that plan. First and foremost is to rebuild a Club that will grow and prosper into the future by providing the facilities and services required by today's veterans and the general community. We will stay true to our vision of 'serving those who serve and have served.'